Speakers Announced for Last HOPE

Hackers on Planet Earth is one of the better known hacker gatherings in the states. It is sponsored by the equally well known hacker mag, 2600. This year may be the last HOPE as the venue in New York where it is being held is scheduled for demolition.

I have failed to make it to any of the past HOPE conferences and will not make it to what may be the last, either. I have a couple of online friends and listeners planning on going. I will try to coordinate a recording session with them, afterwards, to discuss their experiences.

My disappointment at not going was deepened by the announced speakers:

Steven Levy, author of Hackers: Heroes of the American Revolution and chief technology writer and a senior editor for Newsweek.

Adam Savage, co-host of the popular TV show Mythbusters and “a maker of things.”

Kevin Mitnick, “the world’s most dangerous hacker” in the eyes of the government and mass media, imprisoned for over five years, and now a successful computer security consultant.

Jello Biafra, a tradition at the HOPE conferences, former lead singer of The Dead Kennedys and one of America’s most interesting social activists.

Steven Rambam, private eye extraordinaire, who can find out anything about anybody and has always been willing to share his knowledge of privacy with the hacker community. (The FBI prevented his 2006 talk from being given by swooping in and arresting him moments earlier. The case against him was later found to have no merit.)

The programming overall looks to be very full with over one hundred presentations in four tracks.

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