Links from Ravencon

Several of the other podcasters recorded bits and pieces at Ravencon. I really wished I had recorded my final panel as Stephen Euin Cobb did such a splendid job moderating and my fellow panelists shared some truly wonderful, personal stories about their own experiences over the years producing their respective shows.

Gail Martin recorded a bunch of video for her own vlog. She captured me on the third day of recording. Here are day 1 and day 2. If you haven’t been to a convention, I think she does a superb job of capturing the feel, really getting a cross section of the different guests you can see, meet and hear.

I also did a short interview with Stephen Euin Cobb for his show, as I mentioned on my last podcast. He sent me the permalink to the episode that contains that interview. We discussed the state and progress of activism on IP reform and other topics near and dear to me. Stephen is as good an interviewer as a moderator and I very much enjoyed this interview.

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