Audio Archives Broken

In sending a link to a friend, trying to help answer a question I answered on my podcast last year, I’ve realized anything older than the last 30 episodes is a broken link from the episodes referenced on this site. I am not sure what I am going to do to fix this as we are talking about hundreds of MB of audio, if not several GB. My permanent hosting solution, libsyn, won’t work as I am limited to how much data I can post there a month. I also don’t have the already converted MP3 files, so if these files are completely lost, not available on a backup somewhere from the server where they were originally hosted, we are talking about many, many man hours to re-produce those files from the original GarageBand sources. Maybe if I am able to automate the conversions with a bit of AppleScript, we’re still probably talking a significant investment.

I am checking on what happened to those files, just to confirm, so stay tuned as I figure out what to do.

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