Quick News Links for Week Ending 4/27/2008

  • District court finds part of copyright act unconstitutional
    This overturns a recent bit of law, in California, on the basis that the state’s sovereignty trumps an infringement suit. It’s a narrow ruling but encouraging for states’ efforts in information production, especially in the public university system.
  • Legislator wants nation-wide wireless broadband, but without porn
    This is partly a response to the failure in the 700MHz D-block auction but also partly an endorsement, so it seems, of a small carrier that has been trying to push for just such a nation-wide network. I am not so sure about the filtering provisions, though I understand why they are included.
  • Integrated optics may be key to scaling quantum computers
    Looks like this research is actually borrowing from fiber optics and may be key to finally build quantum computers with registers large enough to do actual work.
  • Infineon and PGP to collaborate on whole disk encryption
    This story seems pretty straightforward and seems like a very natural collaboration. I do wonder how some of the reports about Infineon struggling as a business may effect anything actually being brought to market by this partnership.
  • Neuros, TI partner on open source media platform
    This seems to be groundwork for the next version of Neuros’ OSD but with much broader and ambition goals, as well. The participation of TI could enable many complementary and competing devices, all open.
  • Microsoft will be turning off DRM authorization servers
    This is pretty much the scenario DRM-opponents have been fearing all along. Customers can retain their music, but at the loss of the ability to shift it to even just newer versions of Windows.
  • NJ recognizes electronic right to privacy
    Laura clarifies that this is only effective in NJ but it is significant in setting an example for other states’ to potentially follow. The state supreme court ruling was unanimous and supersedes weaker federal rulings in this area.
  • First anniversary of pixel-stainedtechno peasant day
    I am glad to see this tradition continue beyond the initial controversy last year.
  • Interview with Donald Knuth
    The interview is less inflammatory than the summary makes out. Most of it is spent on Knuth’s work on TAOCP and a much lesser fraction on the state of the industry, including his thoughts on many core, which specifically are more personal.

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