Nice article! I’d only follow up with two points.

First, while upbeat, I am very concerned about OLPC and about statements by Nicholas Negroponte that seem to signal a potential or upcoming change in OLPC attitudes and actions in regards to software freedom. As I said in my talk, OLPC ability to be a force for good is, in my opinion, directly connected to its existence as a free platform. That doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be good at all if it used non-free software — but it wouldn’t be as nearly good as it could be.

My second point is about the use of Windows and the reasoning behind it. I’m glad I was able to convincingly describe the situation and the feelings of the advocates or defenders of a switch to Windows. That said, I was only trying to describe the reasoning, not advocate it. I understand *why* people want to use Windows, and I think it’s important for anyone involved in the debate to understand as well, but I don’t agree with it. I just wanted to make that clear.