Quick News Links for Week Ending 4/20/2008

  • Comcast wants P2P, ISP bill of rights
    It remains to be seen how the development of such a set of rights will proceed. It could be a very good thing, if they extend the invitation to consumer advocacy groups. It shouldn’t matter that their motivations are probably just avoiding cumbersome regulation if consumers and technology creators win.
  • PirateBay launches censorship free blog hosting
    The only limit they admit is the scope of Swedish law, so be advised. Still, it appears to allow more room than US law, under which WordPress.com operates.
  • Comcast disconnects Dave Winer
    This is another instance where the technical details aren’t that big a deal, per se, but the communication from Comcast was thoroughly abysmal it turned it into such a horror story and raises questions about their professional ethics and how they must view their own customers.

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