TCLP 2008-04-13 News (Comment Line 240-949-2638)

This is news cast 138.

In the intro a quick discussion of our trip up to Philadelphia to see the Star Wars exhibit at the Franklin Institute. Also, you can hear me on an upcoming episode of The Voice of Free Planet X discussing the place of Star Wars within SF fandom and whether we can move beyond it.

Listener feedback this week is a voice mail from David LaMorte of the Teaching for the Future podcast weighing in on the question of always producing an episode on schedule or taking the time to review and edit as needed.

Security alerts this week are whether the Kraken worm is now the biggest or the research supporting that is valid and a security research develops and demonstrates malware counter hacks.

In this week’s news, Gmail is starting to feel the effects of the CAPTCHA crack last month, Google launchs App Engine for application hosting and questions surrounding it, how introversion may lead to reluctance towards tech even among geeks, and two rulings that may lessen protections for ISPs under Section 230.

Following up this week, the first participate in Flickr’s The Commons project after the LoC and carriers start trying to argue the development of P4P lessens the need for neutrality regulation.

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  1. Just catching up on some back listening and heard the bit on section 230 and wanted to take a minute to drop you a note. IANAL, however the woman in the office next to mine is. She travels the country for our company and does seminars on fair housing. Since she is something less than highly technical I keep up with more current news than she does (or at least more quickly) and we often discuss cases like this one and the one against Craigs list a while back. The thing when it comes to FHA legality is it is an overruling law that can take precedent over other laws. Also in the case of they stepped over the line by providing segregation thats illegal under FHA. The FHA laws can be rather draconian and prevent a good deal but a good rule of thumb to follow is this. If you have a space to rent offer it, dont say anything about your neighborhood, demographics, or your roommate preferences. When you interview roomates, if youre a single woman and dont want a bodybuilder taking up half the living room with weights thats your prerogative, however you cant ever say that because thats against the law. Where roomates made their mistake is those categories take them out of content provider status. To be a true content provider you need to provide a forum, a bullitien board, whatever, and never in anyway scrutinize the content.

    The minute you editorialize the content you loose your content provider status and are now liable for all content. Thats why internet providers for example dont filter newsgroups based on content because it would put them in the position of an editor and they would then become responsible for all the content on their news server. Along those lines I have thought it interesting that nobody has taken up this torch in the past with Comcast and their bandwidth shaping/blocking of p2p.

    Keep up the great work!

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