TCLP 2008-04-06 News (Comment Line 240-949-2638)

This is news cast 137.

In the intro a quick discussion of the paper that Jon mentioned in last week’s feedback.

More listener feedback this week, including some comments and clarification from Randal Schwartz on the nature of Perl5 and 6 parsing, compilation and execution models. Bruce Barr left a voice mail detailing his experiences with macro languages and reminding us that Ruby and Python existed as standalone scripting languages before their use in web environments. David also shared some of his experiences hacking with scripting languages and offered a correction, that Microsoft does indeed have free entry level tools.

Security alerts this week are yet another RFID encryption scheme has been cracked and a key logger like tool for capturing biometric credentials.

In this week’s news, an update on Mozilla Labs’ project for sync and collaboration, Creative acts to stifle a modder supporting their semi-abandonware including the modder’s version of the story and Creative ultimately backing down, NYC lawyers subpoena text messages and code in relation to suits from protests at the RNC, and a disappointing consideration of the opportunities for policy participation by engineers in the US.

Following up this week, just some developments in the legal question of whether making digital files available constitutes infringement including new rulings in Elektra v. Barker and Atlantic v. John Does 1-21, now known as London-Sire v. Doe. The EFF has some further analysis of the Barker case as does Patry.

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