TCLP 2008-03-16 News (Comment Line 240-949-2638)

This is news cast 135.

In the intro, a request for help on behalf of Escape Pod. Listen to Metacast #3 for more details or just head over and donate if you like what you hear.

Security alerts this week are more details on hacking implantable medical devices and inappropriate ads showing up on kids’ sites.

In this week’s news, an insider’s story about working at Atari during its heyday, a Kentucky legislator wants to suppress anonymous free speech online, Professor Ed Felten considers the gap between expected and accepted privacy and some possible, though not perfect, solutions, and Verizon and others working on improving P2P technology rather than simply banning it.

Following up this week, more examples of fan funded artists and John Scalzi’s critique of Kelly’s essay on one thousand true fans.

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  1. Loved that Atari post. For anyone interested in more Atari insider material…

    “Jed Margolis got his hands on something precious: a decade of internal mail from the now-defunct Atari Games corporation, makers of some of the more beloved arcade games in history and one of the more amazing stories in computer history. Buried among these large collections of e-mails from the Atari Corp. VAX are discussions of
    programming, trivia, jokes, and some real insights into the day-to-day concerns of this company. ”

    think this was originally posted on /.

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