TCLP 2008-02-10 News (Comment Line 240-949-2638)

This is news cast 131.

In the intro, a reminder that I’ll be at Farpoint from the 15th to the 17th to kick of my 2008 con season.

Listener feedback is from Jed this week, suggesting AOP can be thought of as a macro language.

This week’s security alerts are a security industry criticizes current best practices and a Firefox update was released though though it may not have been as complete as possible.

In this week’s news, considering the issues involved with internet voting, the life of a software engineer, a new study shows the gap between parents expectations of what kids do online and what they actually do, and the RIAA chief considers filtering on end user PC’s though he was apparently only speculating.

Following up this week, Minister Prentice is set to re-introduce the Canadian DMCA and the EFF fights potential distortion of precent and case law by the RIAA’s aggressive tactics.

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