Listener Comment Line Issue (Resolved)

I switched to using Skype voice mail for the listener comment line recently. I have been maintaining a SkypeIn number for interviews because it is relatively cheap, is often easier for guests to call me if they are traveling, and recording off of Skype works so well with my audio setup in the lab.

Up until now, it has worked well for getting listener feedback. However, I just, like in the last half an hour, received a call while I was actually logged into Skype. I didn’t want to answer because the only calls I get are ones I’ve scheduled or listeners looking to leave voice mail.

I wait a few minutes to see the voice mail show up. It did not. Digging around in the help, I realized that while voice mail kicks in automatically when I am not logged in, I have to explicitly enable it for unanswered calls when I am logged in.

I have enabled that setting in my Skype preferences and added an outgoing message. If you called today around 6pm, EST, please do call back and I promise the voice mail will pick up. As should all future calls whether I am online or not.

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