TCLP 2007-12-23 News (Comment Line 240-949-2638)

This is news cast 125.

In the intro, just some contemplation on the holiday, trying to find some simple principals to make the stress more bearable.

Listener feedback this week came in from Jed in response to the crawling horror word of the week and Hakon with an interesting suggestion for better dealing with CSRF vulnerabilities.

This week’s security alerts include Vista’s new service pack includes a problematic PRNG and a security researcher shares his technique for dealing with CSRF.

In this week’s news, the next generation of Web page markup standards, honeybee research could lead to better load balancing, Neuros launchs “Unlocked Media” as a freely available brand to compete with DRM’ed devices and media, and a breakthrough in use carbon in semiconductor wafers for computer chips.

Following up this week, just reflecting on the Sony rookit fiasco two years later.

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