Holiday Show Schedule

I will mention this on tonight’s show, too, but here is what I am
thinking will be the Holiday release schedule. I’ll do news casts
before each Holiday since family and friend activities probably won’t
interfere with my usual time requirements for research, writing and
recording. Not so for this coming Wednesday, since I usually do my
writing on Monday night (Christmas Eve) and recording Tuesday
(Christmas Day) and Wednesday. I will be back at work on Wednesday so
cannot really compress all three evenings of production into a single

That being said, I think I can spread production and recording work
for a feature cast on the 2nd across the nights and weekend between
the two Holidays. I am thinking of doing another year in review
feature. I need to check my notes for the past two years.

As always, if any of you have suggestions for the year in review
piece, they would be much appreciated.

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