TCLP 2007-12-09 News (Comment Line 240-949-2638)

This is news cast 124.

In this week’s intro, just a quick affirmation, an anecdote of how much better it is to deal with problems early and with honesty then let them fester.

Special thanks to Jared Axelrod for the new logo and cover art.

This week’s security alerts include cracking wireless keyboards and dealing with Facebook’s privacy and security lapses around its new Beacon feature.

In this week’s news, top anti-tech companies though the issue may not be one of anti-tech, engineering usability, House passes SAFE act but is it as concerning as we think or just some soft thinking on the author’s part, and a major breakthrough in spintronics.

Following up this week, AT&T claims its network is already open but some question what the wireless carriers mean when they say open.

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