Amazon Kindle Runs Linux

Like the file format question, more of my initial apprehension about the Kindle are falling. Seems like it may be more open the suspected. How long, then, before it is hacked to open it up and away from Amazon’s captive service? To be fair, they may provide mechanisms I am not anticipating to load your own content.

Still, the price point and the EVDO deal seem targeted more at lock in. That and that the blogs supported do not seem to be through standard RSS subscription, rather through some Amazon jiggery pokery. Four hundred seems a lot to pay to try to hack what otherwise might be a suitable device. Well, that and the lack of WiFi that I already discussed.

Dose anyone know if there is an SD format WiFi card?

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  1. I can’t say that surprises me. So it runs Linux, could have WiFi added. The sticking points that remain are how hackable it will be and the cost. I suspect the former will be easy to answer, one way or another. The latter, along with Amazon’s choice to utilize DRM, will probably still limit its success to no better than past offerings.

  2. Yeah, it would be nice to share a book friends and family between units and I love to share feeds and blog entries. I guess you’d have to do that completely manually on another “non converged” device. Sad, but a profitable business model for them.


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