FCC, Not Telcos, Under Reporting Broadband, Still

OK, I am a dolt. I have been griping about my local telco under reporting fiber penetration in our area because one hose in the county. It looks like the telco could be reporting accurately, after all, that the problem really seems to lie with the FCC. Even the GAO has gotten in on harassing the FCC for their under reporting. The bad news is that the situation has persisted, despite repeated public outcry and formal inquiry.

Yeah, the FCC is not an NGO or corporation, so I can’t entirely leap off on the free market advocates who drive me so insane, but I think some of my criticisms still apply. In particular that public attention has done nothing to change this situation. And corporations who benefit from this under reporting are in no way incentivized, by the market, norms or legislation to do anything at all.

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