Digital Photography in Art Curation

My formal education is actually in art, despite my vocation in technology. This Wired piece boggles the mind a bit. Nine hours of photography and a panorama stitched out of over 1600 individual pictures. Simply amazing. Considering the damage done to The Last Support simply by visitors viewing it, as well as the extraordinary hassle to reserve a brief viewing time, I am glad this project was undertaken to preserve this piece digitally. I am all for preserving the original piece, too, but should a day come when it is irreparably faded or has to be closed to public viewing, I am glad there are those trying to utilize technology to preserve and share such eminent parts of our culture.

I will admit to being a bit disappointed by the online viewing experience, though. You apparently cannot get just a plain old digital image file. There is a pretty clunker custom player app. Admittedly, for the average user, this is probably friendly than what your typical image viewer would do with such an enormous file, but this piece is so far into the public domain, why wouldn’t they just openly share a scan of it?

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