Competitor Calls Shenanigans on Verizon Lobbying

I linked to a story about Verizon supposedly lobbying for change in the upcoming 700MHz auction in last week’s quick news links. PC World has a story where Frontline is asking the FCC to take Verizon to task for this behavior.

The issue as the article describes isn’t necessarily one of lobbying, per se, but disclosure. This seems legitimate and if Verizon has nothing to hide in their discussions with Martin, they should not have an issue complying with the ex parte rules mentioned. The article points out that Verizon has had no problem with complying with these rules in the past.

Having failed to do so, I would tend to subscribe to the interpretation that they are trying to alter the auction rules to their own benefit, a total conflict of interest. I’d love to see them barred from the auction but don’t think that is realistic. I would be happy just to see the FCC acknowledge that Verizon failed to comply with the ex parte rules at all.

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