Audio Glitches in 9/9 Show

Last night’s show was the first where I used the new GarageBand that comes with the iLife ’08 upgrade. On the whole I am pleased and impressed. I am able to get far better normalization with far less manual tweaking. Also, the improvements in exporting projects cuts down on producing both AAC and MP3 audio for the show.

The only problem I noticed after the audio was posted and I was listening this morning on my own portable player is glitching of the pre-recorded bumpers. I upgraded all of the individual project files that contain the spoken bumpers I use to lead off each show segment but the audio sounds like an echo or partial loop was added at the end of almost all of them. The only one that was unaffected was the license bump at the the tail end.

I will experiment between now and the next show to lock this minor and only annoying glitch down. At a minimum, exporting the bumpers to just a plain raw audio file should take care of it as the listener feedback I used didn’t exhibit this problem.

The weird thing is that if this is bug in the way GarageBand mixes in separate audio, it didn’t affect the sweepers and bed music. I have those on a separate track, though, with fewer effects enabled. That may suggest a way to bring the bumper speech straight in without any conversion.

As I said, I’ll sort it before the next show so we can all enjoy the new GarageBand goodness without the minor irritants.

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