Heading Back from Dragon*Con

I am on the road, stopped for the night, driving back from Atlanta. I will be back in plenty of time to clean up some of the audio I took so I can post it in the feed tomorrow night. I got a fantastic interview with the independent band, Beatnik Turtle, and am very much looking forward to corresponding and speaking with them more. The other bit of audio I have is the recording of my panel this morning.

I was truly awed by how well it went. The turn out for the morning of the last day of such a large convention was phenomenal. I am intensely pleased with the energy, humor and expertise shared by all of the panelists–Randy Chertkow and Jason Feehan of Beatnik Turtle, Scott Sigler, Matthew Wayne Selznick, and Courtney Lytle Perry (an IP lawyer was also participated in the EFF programming track).

I have the multi-track audio straight from the sound system but will need to snag the iLife upgrade to work on it. I should be able to do so before the weekend so I can edit and clean up the audio for next week’s feature.

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