Dragon*Con 2007 Schedule

There is a meme spreading amongst the podcasters going to this convention. It makes sense to share with listeners where we, as podcasters, will be and when.

I am not committed to any panels on Friday, so will be floating around and soaking in the con. That would be a good day to meet and greet.

  • Podcasting UN, Co-Staff
    Saturday 1pm
    Hilton, Jackson/Carter
  • Podcasting for Games and Gamers, Co-Staff
    Saturday 2:30pm
    Hilton, Jackson/Carter
  • Aliens You Will Meet, Live! Moderator
    Saturday 5:30pm
    Hilton, Jackson/Carter
  • The Signal, Live! Moderator
    Saturday 10pm
    Hilton, Jackson/Carter
  • Wingin’ It 3D, Live! Moderator
    Saturday 11:30pm
    Hilton, Jackson/Carter
  • PodSci Panel, Co-Staff
    Sunday 8:30pm
    Hilton, Jackson/Carter
  • Podcasting into the Future, Co-Staff
    Monday 10am
    Hilton, Jackson/Carter
  • Creative Commons and Legal Issues, Moderator, Panelist
    Monday 11:30am
    Hilton, Jackson/Carter

The Creative Commons panel will be the same panel, essentially, as the one I ran at both Farpoint and Balticon this year. That’s the only panel where I am directly participating. The panels where I am moderating, I’ll basically by passing the mic and making sure the panel rolls smoothly. On those where I will be co-staff I’ll be an extra pair of hands for whomever is moderating.

As you can see, especially on Saturday, I’ll be in the Jackson/Carter room in the Hilton most of the time. The EFF track is also located almost entirely within the Hilton, in the Cherokee room. That will be the second best place to try to find me.

Also, I have updated my public Google calendar with all of this information if you area already subscribed to that.

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