TCLP 2007-08-19 News (Comment Line 360-252-7284)

This is news cast 110.

In the intro, getting back into sharing movies, books and games, a quick review of the game, Kill Dr. Lucky.

Alex wrote in with some corrections, which are appreciated, really. Which reminds me that Aethon also posted a correction a while ago that I meant to share.

This week’s security alerts include Dan Kaminsky’s advice on defending against XSRF and DNS re-binding and Yahoo messenger has an as yet un-patched flaw that can lead to problems just from accepting a video chat invitation.

In this week’s news, British ISPs threaten to throttle BBC’s new iPlayer and a dispute between a French ISP and a video site indicate that network neutrality concerns are growing more pressing, Universal will watermark its forthcoming DRM-free offerings leading some to conclude that watermarks will supplant DRM though I think that is specious and naive, video of a wonderful talk by C++ author Dr. Bjarne Stroustrup, and super effective CPU cooling research.

Following up this week, the AT&T, NSA wiretap case goes to appeal and working for the plaintiff EFF will need our support, the start of the case is promising regardless, and Dr. Geist weighs in on the idea of opening up social networks.

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