TCLP 2007-08-12 News (Comment Line 360-252-7284)

This is news cast 109.

Lost of feedback, this week, most only my question about software and services for setting up a more open forum for the show. Also, the next feature will be an Inner Chapter on recovering your skills after time away from hacking, in response to Katy’s question. Katy’s site on Generalized Dystonia can be found here.

This week’s security alerts include a demonstration of exploiting the clear text protocol used by RF card readers and positive and negative industry reactions to a new, free downloadable tool for build exploit code.

In this week’s news, Wired issues a call for opening up social networks, Medeco locks are demonstrated as pickable and bumpable and their response, activist and bloggers meeting to discuss open source legislation among other things, and BitTorrent closes some of its sources.

Following up this week, all of the OpenMoko developer units sold out and Amazon, among others, invests in innovative online music seller Amie Street.

Download the show directly. Grab the detailed show notes with time offsets and additional links either as PDF or OPML.

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