TCLP 2007-08-05 News (Comment Line 360-252-7284)

This is news cast 108.

I have started a group, on Facebook, for listeners of the show. The group is open to all registered users, not just folks in my network.

Paul Fischer left another voice mail as part of our ongoing discussion of profile management for social applications. Hugh sent in praise for the Bruce Schneier interview and a link to Virgin’s antics with some CC licensed photos. We discussed this Virgin story at the last CopyNight. The linked article does a good job covering the relevant issues, including scope of consent.

This week’s security alerts include a new tool for identifying and blocking botnets and an excellent explanation of a DNS re-binding attack.

In this week’s news, a new bill contains some distressing attempted infringement language (which the DoJ has been proposing for some time), the challenge presented by software imprinting, a court rules that use of the Wayback Machine is not hacking, and using ceramics for quantum computers.

Following up this week, all about the results of California’s assessment of three e-voting systems, Diebold, Hart and Sequoia. The red teams found all three systems vulnerable, not all the reports were released at the same time, when the source code report was release it was pretty thoroughly bad, and the CA AG stipulates improcements or threatens de-certification.

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