Schneier Asks after Transparency with TSA Head

This is the first part of a planned five part series. Bruce asks the questions we all want to ask of the TSA head, Kip Hawley. More importantly, he got permission to share Kip’s answers. I don’t think there is anything too surprising here. Would you expect the TSA to own up to performing arbitrary procedures that don’t have some sort of rational expectation?

I think the discomfort I still feel in the face of these insights is the discrepancy between the described theory and testing and what actually happens on a typical day, at a typical checkpoint.

Also, why should it take someone like Bruce to get this information? Many have been equally critical of the TSA’s practices and their lack of transparency. Hell, as part of our governing institutions, shouldn’t they have an obligation to be more responsive to the average citizen, issues of security not withstanding? The swipes at bloggers as a community reveal much about Kip’s current stance on legitimate questions and information requests. Would he be more responsive to traditional media? Why should it matter?

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