TCLP 2007-07-22 News (Comment Line 360-252-7284)

This is news cast 106.

This Tuesday, the 24th, is the DC CopyNight. Also, I’ve got my sample in for the Parsec Awards. Copy your fingers crossed that I make it at least as a finalist.

This week’s security alerts include just news of a worm for OS X but also the ensuing drama including site outages and questions of identity. If the participants cared about the security, why all the bile and questionable behavior?

In this week’s news, a US district court ruling in CA may erode section 230 of the CDA and is already being appealed, Dan Gillmor shares his thoughts on the state of citizen media, how to spot and potentially fix failing IT projects, and a 3D engine in JavaScript.

Following up this week, Google will bid on the 700MHz spectrum if open-ness is part of the deal and revenue sharing, non-DRM music site Jamendo secures VC funding.

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