Verizon Cutting Copper as It Rolls out Fiber

This story proves my point about the anti-competitive nature of Verizon and other last mile providers. Fiber customers are having their choices reduced, often without their knowledge.

The article also points out other technical issues with losing copper, such as availability of emergency services during power outages. I doubt Verizon is warning their customers of this risk, either.

I have spoken with Verizon engineers, when dealing with my own copper maintenance hassles, and heard from them anecdotes that lead me to believe that Verizon is playing it both ways. Once they get fiber into a county, even just a single central office even if the rest of the county is not served, they get to count the entire county as served.

So if you can get fiber, you will lose your copper and the ability to sign up for anyone else’s service. And if you cannot get fiber, it may simply be because the next central office over already has it and Verizon has no incentive to connect your central office.

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