Questioning the Value of Algorithms to CS

This is actually an interesting suggestion. Not sure it is interesting enough to me to purchase the book, but still interesting. Of course the Slashdot article that pointed me to it distorts the authors claims, but not as much as I would have thought. I do wonder if the notion of “process expression” is actually more complementary to traditional CS, and the algorithm, than the author lets on.

Maybe it can be formulated as a kind of superset? His discussion of operating systems in the article is apt, the set of inputs over time is nontrivially complex and hence unpredictable, although it is foolish to entertain that any kind of software is non-deterministic. That way lies madness.

Usually I am leery of high flown claims such as these, but something about the idea of parsing and expression seems more right than not. Maybe its a false resonance, an unsubstantiable similarity to compiler internals. Maybe thinking about ASTs and parse tokens has yielded a tool biased view that extrapolates out to these process expressions. Not sure.

Maybe I need to check out this book, after all.

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