TCLP 2007-06-24 News (Comment Line 360-252-7284)

This is news cast 102.

A quick correction, Jukka Liedes is the chairman of the standing committee on copyright issues at WIPO, not the head of the organization. More in this week’s follow up. Also, I’ve got a promo for Mur Lafferty’s new Podiobook, Earth, the third installment of Heaven and Hell. The book launch is a great opportunity to point out the cool things Podiobooks has been doing, as well as Mur’s employer, Lulu, and her own work in new media.

This week’s security alerts include 10K web sites coopted in Italy to spread malware and Google opens their anti-malware blacklist API.

In this week’s news, Lawrence Lessig announces a change in focus in his work, expectation of privacy has been extended to email, a discussion of the risks of being a lone developer on a project, and Clay Shirky rebuts Michael Gorman on the Britannica blogs over whether the Internet is eroding research and publishing.

Following up this week, the NAB turns on some of their members in support the WIPO broadcast treaty non-paper but the issue has been tabled for lack of consensus.

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