TCLP 2007-06-13 Solo Podcasting Panel (Comment Line 360-252-7284)

This episode is a feature cast.

Given the length of the feature, close to an hour, there is no new hacker word of the week, this week.

The feature is the audio I recorded for the Solo Podcasting Panel at Balticon 41 a couple of weeks back. My intention in sharing is to satisfy those that are more curious about the person behind the mike. Also, if you list to Chris Merle, Mur Lafferty (Geek Fu Action Grip and I Should Be Writing among others), Bill Shunn, Leann Mabry, or Grail Wolf, then this is an extra special treat.

Download the show directly. There are no detailed show notes this week..

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2 Replies to “TCLP 2007-06-13 Solo Podcasting Panel (Comment Line 360-252-7284)”

  1. I tried to download the file from the directly link but it’s for an earlier show. I did get the episode downloaded via my podcatcher, Juice. The audio quality is fantastic. What equipment do you use?

    I think we all sounded reasonably intelligent. I really wanted to do rock, paper, scissors to determine who would have moderated the panel. Maybe next time.

  2. Sorry about that, I have fixed the link.

    Thanks about the audio quality. I use a M-Audio MicroTrack 24/96 with a pair of M-Audio Aries powered condenser mics. You have to be careful with condenser mics, in general, because they pick up everything. I got them more for one on one interviewing but think they do OK double duty for this sort of event recording. The Aries have an internal shock mount and in general seemed to be engineered specifically for field recording.

    What really made the difference on this audio was some judicious use of SoundSoap and the Levelating. The former helps eliminate the unwanted elements the condenser mics pick up. The latter helps compensate for mic placement, with two mics for six speakers, distance varied widely.

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