Cory Doctorow Sent Me Audio, Why Haven’t You?

I know I have an appreciative audience and when I get feedback it is typically very articulate, insightful, and relevant. However I don’t get feedback very frequently (I take that as tacit approval whether I should or not) and rarely in response to overt solicitations.

But if Cory Doctorow, quite possibly one of the busiest humans alive, can sit down and record a five minute reading for my upcoming second anniversary show, what is your excuse?

I’m having disturbing visions of the show, now:

Me: Welcome to The Command Line, yadda yadda…Here’s Cory. (insert Cory’s wonderful audio) Well, that does it for year two, let’s do this again next year!

I know I have other podcasters listening, you guys, at least, have no excuse. Please make with the recording.

I know my podcast is pretty low key to begin with and I’ll mark the day and accomplishment regardless but I would like to be able to toot my own horn a bit and make some noise.

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