TCLP 2007-05-30 Balticon 41 Copyright Panel (Comment Line 360-252-7284)

This episode is a feature cast.

No hacker word of the week this week due to the length of the feature.

The feature is the audio from the panel I moderated at Balticon 41 this past weekend on the topic of New Media and Copyright.

Download the show directly. No detailed show notes this week.

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6 Replies to “TCLP 2007-05-30 Balticon 41 Copyright Panel (Comment Line 360-252-7284)”

  1. Thanks! The feedback has been pretty much universally positive, both at the time and afterwards. I think I’ve pretty much guaranteed that I’ll be asked to run the same panel again next year. Not sure which, if any, panels I’ll be on or moderating at D*C, yet. They also have a separate EFF track whose directory I really need to contact.

  2. The panel was great but the audio levels were too uneven so when I raised the volume to hear the softest speakers my eardrums were almost blown when people started laughing. Next time could you please pass it through The Levelator?

  3. I did in fact try running it through The Levelator and it was just as bad, but different. It pulled up the machine noise from the HVAC and the voices from the room next door to the point that they were way too distracting. Next time I will do a better job of mic’ing the guests as that is the primary reason some of the voices were much softer.

    I did throw a peak limiter on it, next time if I cannot use The Levelator, I will try to configure the software compressor and limiter better to tighten up the range as much as I can without pulling in too much of the undesirable sound.

  4. Not more than once did I ramp up the volume to hear a soft speaker only to be bombarded with head-splitting, raucous laughter. After that, I was terrorized enough to keep the volume steady—where the peaks didn’t hurt—and missed out on a lot of the conversation.

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