Balticon 41

I consider Balticon 41 a huge success.

I made new friends and renewed existing friendships. Many new in-jokes were born, none of which I’ll share here because some were, well, risque and all aren’t as funny if you have to explain them. If you come out to DragonCon or Farpoint, though, you will no doubt be exposed.

The podcasting panels, at least the ones I attended or in which I participated, were very well attended. I had a blast on the Solo Podcasting panel and was awed by the compliments, from the audience and fellow panelists, at the Copyright panel. I was glad to be able to help the track organizers, Paul and Martha from the ADDcast, with some of their recording projects. I wish I could have done more and that Paul had had an easier time with facilities so more consistent equipment provisioning could have been done for the larger panels.

I learned an important lesson on my technical audio skills in regards to trying to run a multi-track recording for a live show. I need to learn much more before trying that again. Thankfully Steve Eley, of Escape Pod, made a back up recording which I will secure and clean up for Mur. She was very understanding of the problems I encountered but I still feel bad for making the commitment and not being able to do better. I know with the explanation I just gave that is a bit irrational but that’s how I feel regardless.

At least the pie was very well received. And the Mrs. will be re-upping Mur’s purple hair right before DragonCon, an offer that was just about literally met with a “squee!” of delight.

Next up, DragonCon 2007!

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  1. I agree the Solo Podcasting panel was a blast. Although, I didn’t plan on moderating I was glad I could help. I’m glad I got to meet a lot of other podcasters, a very interesting lot. It was getting kinda lonely in Oklahoma. Sadly, I was the only other person on that panel who knew what a qsort was.

  2. No worries, Chris, my exact point was that I am often a fish out of water when speaking about podcasting at SF/F conventions. In discussing it with the Mrs. she actually suggested capitalizing on that and suggesting a “non-fiction” panel for future podcasting tracks. Find the other podcasters who do not podcast fiction in some form but cover other topics and styles. Could be interesting, especially with the strong science tracks at D*C and Balticon.

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