TCLP 2007-05-20 News (Comment Line 360-252-7284)

This is news cast 98.

Balticon is next weekend, May 25th through 28th. There is an even chance I will not get a show out Wednesday. If I don’t, that means the next show will be a week from Wednesday. It will also mean just that the logistics for preparing for the con have tackled me and are holding me captive. I essentially have to take apart my studio, pack it and haul it with me.

In this week’s security news, a gaffe in a Norton AV data update crashes loads on Chinese PCs and Information Security has a series of point and counter point pieces by Bruce Schneier and Marcus Ranum. Schneier and Ranum answer whether secrecy protects personal data. Schneier and Ranum also answer whether penetration testing is worth it.

In this week’s news, the big story is Microsoft claims free and open source software violates over 200 of its patents. GrokLaw explains why we shouldn’t be too worried. Microsoft’s voucher program and deal with Novell may invalidate their claims under the GPL anyway. Linus Torvalds challenges Microsoft to put up or shut up. Microsoft clarifies their intentions, that they will not sue. MacWorld has an interview with Microsoft’s Hilf. In other news, Illinois librarians stage a work-to-rule protest of pending law and a Disney mashup to explain copyright including fair use and why use Disney.

Following up this week, latest AACS revision is still cracked and Amazon confirms their online music store and that it will be exclusively DRM-free.

Download the show directly. Grab the detailed show notes with time offsets and additional links either as PDF or OPML.

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