AMD Opening ATI Drivers

Slashdot has the story, basically an announcement from AMD’s VP of sales and marketing following on from their acquisition of ATI. I have a distinct recollection of compiling ATI Radeon drivers under Debian, though, from a few years back. Weren’t ATI drivers available in some sort of source form, already? Were the drivers not comprehensive to all chipsets or were they functionally limited in some way?

Still, such an explicit commitment can only be good news. Too bad it is in a market that has basically only two players for discrete products and two more for integrated ones. It would be nice to see this happen elsewhere in the peripherals market where poor driver support is being felt much more acutely.

Let’s be honest, even though most of the desirable video drivers are closed, they work pretty well. I have an NVidia card at work and the driver has always worked supremely well. Sure, having in open form is morally and theoretically better, but I don’t feel terribly limited in my choice of GPU and display under Linux, today, versus say camera, scanner or printer support.

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