TCLP 2007-04-29 News (Comment Line 360-252-7284)

This is news cast 95.

In the intro, a brief apology for missing the feature cast this week. Work and the ongoing DSL outage intervened. Speaking of DSL, I did manage to get through to a live tech on Saturday and scheduled a field circus tech to come out on Tuesday. Hopefully this will get cleared up before too much longer.

The show’s second anniversary is coming up. I started this podcast on June 22nd, 2005. I’ll probably do a feature cast celebrating the two years on the 20th. I welcome all submissions of all kinds, so please thinking about putting something together and get it to me in the next few weeks.

Obligatory BaltiCon nag,

Security Alerts this week include Professor Felten’s write up of a congressional botnet briefing and cyber criminals expand traps into meatspace.

In this week’s news, Google quietly launches a panoptic sort feature, a decent discussion of the last dot-com bubble with a case that we are currently in another one, the MPAA pays lip service to fair use, and University of Texas at Austin researchers unveil a prototype CPU demonstrating a new architecture.

Following up this week, a bill was introduced to overturn the CRB rate hike for internet radio royalty rates and the second copyright directive, IPRED2, was passed almost unchanged. Hopefully between now and local implementations of IPRED2, there will be opportunities to temper the vagueness and broadness of the bill as passed.

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