Amazon’s Beleaguered Music Store to Launch Sans DRM

Details are scant, really, despite the rampant optimism. According to Times Online, there is no hard launch date and much of the delay to date has been because of problems trying to get a device set up to go along with the new offering. Also, despite many sites claiming a deal with EMI and even UMG, there doesn’t seem to be any definitive proof this is the case. The EMI rumors are at least credible since the recent EMI announcement wasn’t exclusive to Apple.

As with Apple’s deal with EMI and now rumors of them extending the same offer to some independents, I look forward to having my skepticism proven wrong. I would cherish Amazon’s entrance into the world of DRM-free music as a tremendous validation of abandoning technology protection measures for good. Hopefully we will look back on this particular time and see it in hind sight as a watershed.

Until it happens, though, I am not holding my breath. And there are so many other smaller offerings coming online and improving. I’ve mentioned Jamendo in my podcast, repeatedly. Give your custom to the retailers already leading the charge and maybe it will help convince Amazon and others that the market for open music is worth their while.

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