So Long, SpeakEasy

It pains me greatly to finally cancel my SpeakEasy service. As an ISP, they have been pretty damn good to me over the past seven years. But I can’t take another month long service outage because they have exactly zero power to do anything about it. The last time this happened, at the end of last summer, I was without for a month solid and had to yell, repeatedly, at three different companies. The only one who actually cared could do exactly squat about it.

At least with the acquisition recently by Best Buy, I don’t feel quite as disloyal as I would otherwise.

I just placed an order for DSL from my local Baby Bell. It really pains me to do so but I will not let cable into my house. If I had to go this way, I was very much hoping I could get fiber. No joy, even though the CO a block over has fiber, our does not. So I am stuck with DSL that is as likely to blow out a DSLAM card in the CO in the next three to six months as it ever was.

I am skeptical but the order status from the ILEC says they will have my new service up by Thursday. They are notorious for blowing off service appointments on the least pretense so we’ll see how that actually goes. Even if they do show up, the original DSL install was a mess, with a second NID on the opposite side of the house from the original one. I’d love it if they could clean up the mess and just bring the replacement circuit into my basement where I can drop the DSL modem and pull my own CAT5 where I want it.

I’ll be satisfied if I can simply get my internet connection back before next weekend.

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