DSL Outage, Take Three

I came home to discover the ATM light on my DSL modem was dark and the DSL light was blinking. I had a prolonged outage last year and I am still very sensitive about the subject. I am incredibly angry that in my market, I cannot get reliable broadband with acceptable terms of service, at all.

Comcast is a joke. I won’t even trust them with my TV programming. Verizon is even worse and I had a very, very bad experience with their wireless service several years ago. DSL through Speakeasy and Covad is the only even slightly palatable option but I am still at the whim of my ILEC, Verizon.

Every single time they do any kind of work in my neighborhood, they kill my DSL. No one saw the truck today but I can pretty much guarantee that one of their monkeys was on a pole or crashing around in the CO. DSL circuits don’t just go dark. Well, maybe the DSLAM card burned out, but I find that a little hard to credit since it was replace less than six months ago.

So here I go, on the dial up, hoping I can tolerate the insane slowness long enough to get a trouble ticket into Speakeasy.

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  1. Ya know – dialup isn’t any slower than it was a decade ago.

    Hey – put that wrench down! I was kidding!

    What you really need is satellite delivery of broadband. Wait – you need at least three competitors providing satellite delivery to keep the market competitive. Well that and cheap delivery of satellites.

    Accidents will still happen but the monkeys will be highly trained primates working from an office far far away – no more lower-order primates monkeying around in the CO.

  2. And deal with the orbital latency? Unless the articles I’ve read vastly overstate it, no thanks. And, well, you skewered your own argument with the fact that there isn’t any more competition in that market. Go Hughes!

    At this point I am going to suck it up and just order up service from my local Baby Bell. It may still get clobbered every so often but at least I’d only have one idiot to yell at instead of three.

  3. Won’t satellite always have orbital latency issues, though? Isn’t part of that due to the distance involved?

    Regardless, satellite and WiMax would both by nice eventual options. No intervening hardware for grubbing little middle people to lay claim to. If I could buy my own fiber to the point of presence, I totally would, for the same reason. I get sick of this bull shit where I have to deal with an intermediary who could care less whether I do or do not buy their service because I just don’t have any other options.

    If I had fiber at the PoP, I could plug straight into any ISP I want. Maybe, some day, along side WiMax and viable satellite.

  4. Won’t satellite always have orbital latency issues, though? Isn’t part of that due to the distance involved?

    Yes and yes. Clearly the universe was not arranged for our convenience.

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