TCLP 2007-04-01 News (Comment Line 360-252-7284)

This episode is a news cast number 91. I promise, no April Fools stories.

In the intro, a request to donate to the Joe Murphy memorial fund. Several folks have worked hard to set up a not for profit to help him and to give to researchers in his name. Also, some advice from my own early days exploration of lock picking and another reminder to make your travel arrangements, now, for BaltiCon 41, May 25th through 28th. The con rate rooms are all booked, though there are still plenty of rooms available.

This week’s security alerts include a secure coding certification has been announced and version 3.0 of the Metasploit framework has been released.

In this week’s news, Sony has developed a new crypto algorithm for content protection, Diebold is seeking to contest a lost bid in court though a judge has already denied some of their requests, the last draft before the final draft of GPL3 is out and there is criticism as well as support, and evolving hardware.

Following up on the broadcast flag, the FCC has squelched attempts at including it in digital radio. On the e-voting front, California has proposed a bill that would require independent audit from secuirty researchers and paper records.

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