Qanta May Produce OLPC-Like Laptop for Consumers

The OLPC lpatop is strictly for bulk sale to governments of developing nations. It is not intended for the average consumer. That being said, there are many innovative technologies, software and hardware, going into the OLPC project that are definitely of interest to the average user. And for many geeks, there is the new gadget factor that makes these systems very attractive.

Ars Technica has an article that explains Quanta is considering a consumer version of the XO to satisfy those who want one of their own. I hope they go through with it and I hope this spurs the adoption of some of the more compelling technologies by other vendors. The proposed $200 USD price tag is nice but to get a system with a daylight readable LCD, the experimental new battery chemistry, seamless mesh networking, and everything else that makes the XO so unique is worthwhile, at least to me, even at a higher price.

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  1. Hunh – ITunes brought up your 2/21 podcast. Which I had thought I’d heard before but .. maybe not?

    At any road – you’re going to be at DragonCon – excellent. I won’t be there but LiftPort usually manages to send one or two of us there. If we’re there, come by the talk, say hi.

    Maybe interview fodder? No, we’re not ‘hackers’ but .. maybe. Think of a space elevator as the ultimate hack, using the earth’s own rotation to sling stuff to orbit, cheaply.


  2. I’ve noticed that there are a handful of feeds for which iTunes occasional re-pulls old episodes. It seemed to happen more with my own feeds before I switched to maintaining them myself.

    I’ll certainly stop by at D*C, if I have time. The interview is a good idea and even if I don’t use it, myself, I can contribute to Skepticality or elsewhere. I got some audio last year from Michael Shermer’s book tour, so there is precedence for me putting out special episodes that are a bit more oblique to the show’s usual focus.


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