Best Buy Acquires Speakeasy

A thousand geeks cry out then go silent.

As a Speakeasy customer I just got a mass emailing from the CEO. Despite claims in the letter that my service will remain unaltered, I am skeptical. The letter explains that Speakeasy will align with some business service unit within Best Buy and goes on about how valuable Speakeasy’s VoIP offering is to Best Buy.

I am neither a business nor a VoIP customer, what incentive does Best Buy have to leave my service alone? Beyond that, I chose Speakeasy eight years ago because they openly welcomed and supported Linux. Best Buy’s track record with Windows based PC support is abysmal, let alone expecting them to grok the needs of a customer like me.

I hate to abandon Speakeasy, they have been very good to me as a customer for the better part of a decade but this news just leaves a cold pit in my belly. And the broadband market around the DC metro area is horrible. If I do leave, my choices are Comcast or Verizon, both of whom I have had very, very bad experiences with in the past.

UPDATE: Ars Technica has also covered this bit of news.

UPDATE 2: Techdirt has weighed in. The article is link heavy with references to the causes of my vague unease about Best Buy.

2 Replies to “Best Buy Acquires Speakeasy”

  1. Despite claims in the letter that my service will remain unaltered,

    For about as long as it takes you to run around, tag all four walls and come back.

    But I’m cynical about that kind of thing.

  2. My sentiments as well. As a seven-year subscriber I have enjoyed superior service from Speakeasy and have been responsible for quite a few new accounts. Speakeasy’s liberal policies and top-notch support have been a winner. I feel like I am losing part of my family here. I suppose that this was inevitable given their success. I will sorely miss Grace and especially “Lynx” the office cat. I really hate to be “orphaned” again…

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