ShmooCon Day 1

I arrived a bit late for registration. It hadn’t opened yet, running a bit later than the published schedule, but there was a massive line. Once it opened, though, things moved quickly. I got my badge and asked about a press version, based on my correspondence with some of the Shmoos. Turns out they didn’t have separate badges and were just encouraging the press, including podcasters, to approach presenters, with courtesy, on their own and let the Shmoos know if help was needed.

Since this is my first ShmooCoon, the opening remarks were appreciated. Bruce shared some of the con’s history, this being only its third year, and ground rules.

This was followed by a series of rapid fire presentations. They were all good, my favorites were the first, on using FPGA’s to accelerate crypto cracking, and Johnny Long’s No Tech Hacking. The latter seemed like a general crowd favorite, Johnny has a wicked sense of humor.

The keynote by Avi Rubin was definitely worth the wait. He spoke about responsible security research, including responsible disclosure. He had plenty of examples from his and his students’ work. I found the Diebold examples, especially the source code examples, especially amusing and enlightening.

I wrapped up the evening at a podcaster gathering down the street from the conference. This was organized by Hak5 and SploitCast. PaulDotCom and CyberSpeak were also there. I also got a chance to meet Simple Nomad. They were all welcoming especially since I was a bit of a late comer and hadn’t met any of them before.

When I left, they were headed for a bit of a pub crawl. I was up late last night for a product release at work so I bagged it and headed home.

Tomorrow is all about the tracks. I need to figure out when I can take a break to check out the hacker arcade and the hardware village.

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  1. I have always admired the courage and knowledge of Avi Rubin, but that was only enhanced when I read his book “Brave New Ballot”. It is a great narrative, told in his natural manner.

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