4 Replies to “Interview Photos”

  1. beard – check
    glasses – check
    suspenders – fail
    smug expression – fail

    50% confidence that you are one o’ them scruffy UNIX hackers.

  2. Me??? I’m not even in any of the pictures. And I have no earthly as to whether JoCo’s brief stunt as a software guys was as a Unix hacker, scruffy or otherwise. It never came up.

  3. No worries. The picture is, in fact, the incomparable Jonathan Coulton hisself. There are pictures of me in my feed, though you may have to dig back a bit. The ones from Farpoint, which are the most recent, were taken by a friend with a camera that struggles in low light. Regardless, the joke is probably equally applicable. Now. Although maybe my expression hit smug somewhere in those photos. But it has been years since I last wore suspenders. Ah, misspent youth.

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