TCLP 2007-03-18 News (Comment Line 360-252-7284)

This episode is a news cast number 90.

Listener feedback this week was from Carey and Karl. Carey wrote with some clarifications on patents versus copyright. Karl wrote in about his project, edbrowse, a command line browser and mailer syntactically related to ed, the line editor vi uses.

This week’s security alerts include Apple’s latest OS X update fixes 45 security defects including one in the update tool itself among many other improvements and a rare kernel vulnerability was discovered in OpenBSD only the second in the project’s history. Source patches are available and the immediate workaround is to disable ip6 networking.

In this week’s news, a discussion before the House Judiciary Committee over a fairly noxious anti-p2p tool, how Edison pre-figures today’s fights over digital media, Viacom sues Google over Youtub infringments (Lessig’s comments, Lessig’s NYT op ed piece, Felten’s comments, and some individuals counter sue), and Starbucks plans to form a record label.

In this week’s follow ups, Professor Felten endorses bill HR 811 which propose to reform e-voting and NASA confirms they built something for D-Wave although whether what they built worked or was used in the recent demo, who can say?

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