ccMixter and mozCC

Before I get dinged for doing so, I know I confused this two distinct and very different projects when talking with Mike Linksvayer in the interview I just posted.

ccMixter is a wonderful portal for finding and sharing remixed works enabled and supported by Creative Commons license.

mozCC is the Firefox extension I mentioned in the interview. I use it daily and can’t recommend it highly enough. One thing Mike recommended, after the recording finished, to make mozCC more effective in finding your CC licensed materials, make sure you post the license link and or metadata as near to the work as you can. I am impressed that even without the actual RDF metadata, mozCC found the license link for my last two shows and parsed out the terms correctly.

I can only imagine how much both of these projects will be improved once the license metadata is enriched to the point where specific works can be consistently identified so that web crawling can vastly accelerate new work discovery.

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