Forthcoming XML Based Operating System

Let me count the ways this is an awful idea. It does not even have the amusement value of the hacker that re-implemented Unix in JavaScript. There are already any number of quite good free operating systems. Mozilla already has a free, powerful XML based development platform. The core of Java’s promise, as opposed to C/C++, was platform portability. There are at least half a dozen “Web” operating systems already.

None of these has displaced Microsoft or Google. I honestly do not see how combining aspects of all of these and pressing the fact that it is XML based over and over again is going to make XIOS any more successful than any of its more well considered antecedents.

What incentive is there, really, for developers to build on what I see as more or less just a curiosity? The fact that it is XML based doesn’t really mean much in terms of reducing learning curve. And speculating about developers generating revenue directly for themselves via subscriptions or ads doesn’t do anything for me either. Maybe it is Information Week’s editorial bias, but I didn’t see any compelling evidence of why this would be an improvement for application users over any of the current approaches.

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  1. I agree completely.
    I would like to add that any online OS also requires you to have an OS on the system your using to connect to the online version with.
    So what’s the point?

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