2 Replies to “Randal Schwartz’s Charges Expunged”

  1. I apologize if I diminished the ordeal you have gone through to get to this point. In my defense, I did not say “complete relief”, though I get the feeling immense was still an overstatement. I can only guess at the lasting impacts this has had and is yet to have on your life.

    I only meant to try to highlight a long overdue positive out of this affair. I did not read the announcement, though, and I should have. Especially given how I often criticize others who discuss these kind of events and topics for not taking the time to try to sift through to the heart of the matter.

    For what it is worth, your presentation at last year’s Dragon*Con was inspiring to me and the human element was more apparent than some of the “geek” coverage of these issues reveals. Also, as trite as this may sound, I wonder at the worth of the people and relationships who would so easily pre-judge you. I know that, too, is an over simplification, but anyone who would take the time to hear you tell your story would not so easily pass judgment. At least, not on you.

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