New Release of Songbird

I read it first at the Download Squad. Among other things, it is now supposed to be able to play DRM’ed WMA and Quicktime files. Like the DLS commentator, I’m not sure if this is a net positive.

This version did fix a complaint I had with version 0.2.1. I had recommended Songbird to a new listener and shortly after doing so got an email reporting that it did not appear to work as a podcatcher. No matter how I tried, it would not read my otherwise valid RSS 2.0 stream. I found a workaround but not one I felt was easy enough to describe to the listener, especially one so new to podcasts as a whole.

Basically, when I did what seemed obvious, File -> New Subcription… and pasted in the URL to my Feedburner URL, nothing happened. No error, no warning, just nothing. If I do the same thing in 0.2.5, it now appears to work. At least on my PowerBook and my work system, running Fedora Core 5. That at least makes it worth suggesting as a possible future podcatcher on Linux, alongside Juice.

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