Embracing User Centric IT

CIO has a relatively enlightened article recommending that management embrace grass roots IT as much as possible. Their reasoning, and I think this is obivious and natural, is that users are becoming increasingly technologically literate and will use that new found literacy no matter what policy or infrastructure forbids. Taking a pretty progressive view, the article suggests that allowing in this bottom up innovation is not only a good idea but critical to a competitive business.

At the few jobs I’ve worked where management has tried to enforce top down control, I used to be in the minority of those who would use technology how they chose, regardless. I don’t think any of the actual content of this article is really all that new or interesting. Rather, I think the fact that a management focused periodical like CIO would actually advocate embracing this view is fascinating. That and the fact that the tide appears to be turning and that at least in some companies, hackers and proto-hackers are coming to take the exercise of their newfound literacy for granted.

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